İNNOMARK LLC (innovative marketing) has been operating since 2008, rendering wide range of services with new ideas and different approaches in media advertising sector. İNNOMARK is the first and only company which offers advertising displays and mobile billboards (advertising vehicles) in underground coaches. 


Mobile billboards (advertising vehicles) 

Innomark offers their clients mobile billboards which are the innovation at international advertising market with high efficiency. Acting on a specific route and schedule, mobile billboards attract the attention of the clients and city inhabitants to the advertisments of customers. The company's parking lot has 7 mobile billboards ( advertising vehicle ) which are currently equipped with GPS navigation system and interiour illumination. Back and side doors of advertising vehichles are fully transparent and it is possible to place different types of promotional products. Moreover, there is a scrolling system which enables to change advertisment ( special paper banner) of customers within certain time range.


Advertising displays in the underground coachs (2009-2014)

Another long-termed project of the company which was quite successful during 2009-2014, was advertising displays installed in Baku metropolitan. 300 displays were equipped in the underground coaches covering 75% of all underground coaches. The project was completed in 2014.



Production of visual advertising 

Besides, our company has a production workshop, fitted with modern equipment and machineries. We have successfully participated in several tenders. The company has successfully implemented a few long-term projects. At the same time, the company has attended projects of state importance such as the administrative buildings, airports, museums and sign boards in road constructions. According to our customers' request, we have designed and accomplished the installation of exhibition stands.

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